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The association offers free entry lectures to all, on a wide variety of subjects, every second Saturday of the month, at the Maison Commune du Haut-de-Cagnes, 12 rue Dr Provençal.

Sylviane and Claudine are in charge of organizing these conferences. You can contact them to suggest a topic or to volunteer to present a lecture.

Our next lecture, on Aprile 13th : “Notre Dame de Paris, de la cathédrale en feu à l’objet de recherche”, led by Martine Régert, CNRS and CEPAM research director.

Notre Dame de Paris
From the day after the fire that struck the cathedral on 15 April 2019, many scientists sprang  into action to collect, safeguard and study the scientific information contained in the remains of the damaged monument. The research focuses not only on the materiality of the monument but also on its intangible aspects, whether they relate to heritage emotions, issues of acoustics and soundscapes or the construction of an augmented digital double of the cathedral. At this conference, we will share with you an exceptional scientific and human adventure that currently brings together 200 scientists from 50 laboratories working in diverse and complementary fields (history, art history, acoustics, materials science, anthropology, etc.). We will detail the challenges of current research on Notre-Dame de Paris, highlighting the importance of the remains collected, inventoried, stored and studied following the fire, discuss the constraints specific to this type of research and present the initial results obtained.
Martine Regert is Director of Research at the CNRS’s CEPAM (Cultures and Environments Laboratory. Prehistoric, Antiquites, Middle Ages, CNRS-université Côte d’Azur), which she directed from 2012 to 2017. A Specialist in Chemistry, a Doctorate in Prehistory and qualified to direct research in Chemistry, she is developing research at the interface of Prehistory and Chemistry on the exploitation of natural substances since the Neolithic period. For the CNRS, she is in charge of managing the Notre-Dame de Paris scientific worksite.